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Purchased two pair of (SO CALLED UGG BOOTS) one black one beige, a few months ago on ebay!

They are the most useless pair of boots i have ever purchased.

The whole experience from start to finish was a disaster.

I bid and won! wish i had not? i have worn a pair of the boots several times, any boots i have purchased in the past have lasted me for years? these boots are on the way out and are totaly knackered? I nearly broke my neck in the darn things, i went out in the rain and slipped i tried to save myself and ended up with a sore hand.

They are like slippers and should not be worn outside as they are soooo dangerous.  

The title and description of the so called  (UGG BOOTS) is sooooo untrue?

The second pair of boots are sitting in a corner? i am thinking of relisting them as a pair of slippers!  no i would not do that to anyone...... 

 This person has been left a lot of negative feedback !  i am not surprised, at one point she closed her account but reopened it.....

As i was not aware at the time, that the boots were not going to last, i left positive feedback!

I did give advice in an email, this was not taken on board.

As the seller seems to be struggling at this present time and not taking any comments on board from anyone who comes into contact regarding the so called "UGG"boots! i have no sympathy!

  This experience has left me with a pair of crap boots! that will be going in the bin!  

I will be more careful in the future......

So, anyone wishing to buy a pair of so called named boots, check out feedback, before bidding.......


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