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If any of you are considering buying ugg boots off Ebay or the internet ((unless you know 100% that the site is authentic) then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think again.I have just purchased £240 worth off uggs (from a supposedly genuine site) only to receive them and discover that they are not 100% authentic. The site claims to be genuine but they have obviousley "borrowed" the pictures to make it seem real.It also claims to have a hassle free returns policy,but after sending 6 Emails still with no reply it really makes me wonder !They also stated that they are based in the US and send the goods from china (where there actually made). Unfortunatley they dont give an address on the site nor any returns addresses on the invoice. I did set up a pay pal account thinking that I would have some security should anything go wrong but as the items were not purchased off E bay they said there is nothing thay can do! I dont want to sound like Im going on but I really think buyers should beware.After my experience I strongly recomend that people considering buying a pair of uggs to go and buy from a shop or a reputable on line seller. In the end it saves all the worry,the hassle and the dissapointment of receiving a counterfeit item. If this helps 1 person make the right choice then I will be happy


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