UK Adapter electrical shock hazard

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9 Volt adapter LJS-186S
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9 Volt adapter LJS-186S

I bought 3 of these 230 volt to 9 volt dc adapters made in China and sold by  le_ji84, but there are many others selling similar.  My adapter model code was LJS-186 S.  I plugged in the item which lit the green power on led and it worked. Then I unplugged it from a UK power outlet and the plastic case separated into two parts exposing live wires and connections!!  The UK plug part is fixed to the case with two small flimsy screws and there is virtually no adhesive securing the two case parts together. These units are sold in various dc voltages for portable equipment used by adults and children.  I previously found a problem on a similar unit where the plastic hollow UK earth pin was so flimsy it broke and the item could no longer be used.  If you buy items made like this, you risk the lives of yourself and family with an electric shock.  The plastic casing is very thin and cheap and I doubt it would contain fire caused by an internal component fault.  There are no references to CE or safety standards on the  labels and these items would not pass UK product safety standards.  You risk your life buying and using them. CAVEAT EMPTOR
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