UK Buyer Guide when purchasing Zulu Shields

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What a UK buyer needs to know when purchasing Zulu Shields on ebay.

As a UK buyer if you purchase a Zulu shield from any ebay Seller outside the UK you are regarded as the importer of record and the onus is upon you (the buyer) to comply with HM Customs & Excise regulations such as; animal hide health certificate, ensuring the hide is declared as the correct species and it is not an endangered species.

You (the buyer) will have to submit the original health certificate from the country of origin to customs together with the Zulu shield for inspection by UK customs.

Our Solution

PlacesAFar is a reputable supplier of  Zulu shields to the UK market. We have already done all the hard work for you. All our Zulu shields are legally exported and imported. We comply with all HM Customs & Excise regulations.

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