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Most UK only sellers don't realise how much they lose through restricting their market. It should be obvious that selling to a billion people is going to bring in more bids than selling to 20 million. A winning bid could still be in the UK but forced up by a losing bid from abroad. Obviously not all categories have the same appeal across the globe BUT many categories enjoy a massive world wide appeal.

A year ago I retired from volunteering for a local eBay selling charity because I'd checked all sales across the various categories we sold in and I was horrified. I sold LPs and photographic stuff worldwide. The other volunteers had formed the opinion that selling worldwide was pointless so they sold UK only. My analysis over a year showed that, had I restricted the LP/Photo stuff to the UK only, the sales total would have been under 25% of that actually achieved. (£3400/£787)  In other words sales were more than quadrupled by mailing worldwide. I pessimistically applied these figures to the other sales, assuming that sales would only double not quadruple: we were still losing (well, not making) over £30000 over a year and, as I was only making 10% of that, I walked!

Now I've seen the light: I can buy off you xenophobes and sell to the world making money you could have made.
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