UK Postal Service,Royal Mail branch closures,delays.

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A quick note about how our postal service is affecting buyers and sellers on Ebay.

Firstly, I would like to thank the vast majority of buyers for their continued patience in the trouble caused by Royal mails strikes. I would not even begin to comment on the reasons why they had to do it, but as a seller and buyer on Ebay, with alot of post going out each day, it has been awful keeping up with the amount of buyers who do not, or have not yet received their items. 

I expect many of you have experienced such trouble, and although the strike is over, there is still plenty of post that is backlogged in our sorting offices, thus with extended delays.

Further to this, my local post office is marked for closing in January after 43 years run by the same lady, due to forced closures, as are many all over the country and this will put even more pressure on sending out goods on time. With so many people 'Ebaying' the remaining post offices will be under pressure to cope with the demand. Until finding my local lady who takes my parcels in the morning and I pay at night, so as not to hold up other customers, I am not sure how greater volume sellers will be affected.

In short, please buyers stay patient, the vast majority of sellers are good honest people who want you to receive your goods on time, and quickly, but it is hard to stay ahead with delays caused by circumstances out of our hands.

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