UK Quad movie posters

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UK Quad posters are landscape in style and are produced in the UK for cinema movie advertising. These are not available in normal retail outlets but appear in collectors fairs and specialised memorabilia shops e.t.c. This makes them highly sought after by collectors in the UK and increasingly more so from people in the USA and other parts of the world.

They are quite large in size, measuring 30 inches by 40 inches and are absolutley ideal for decorating your bedroom wall or around the house. Serious collectors' like myself prefer to have them framed as i feel they do look awesome and adds a touch of class to them. I have a couple of my fav's framed at the moment and hoping to get some more.

There are sometimes different versions of the Quad poster, Advance and Final versions. The advance version is also knows ad a Teaser which is to give a  taster of whats coming out in cinema's. Soemtimes you get a couple more versions of the teaser (which could be of different characters of the movie of just different artwork) before the final version which gives you more of an idea what the movie is about and usually displays casting credits.

In the early part of the 1990's and before that, they were manufactured folded and sent to UK cinema's that way. Only in the past 12 years or so they were sent rolled in tubes. Personally i prefer them rolled but do like some of the folded ones as it adds a bit of age to it and retro feel to it. I have found by collecting posters some of them have increaesed in value and are also continuing to add in value. For example, the Quad poster for Pulp Fiction has gone for around £80-£100 here on Ebay and quite recently  Black Swans Quads has gone for £50-£100. The rarer ones are the teasers, so look out for them.

Not all will be worth huge ammounts of money but some do surprise and exceed the market value. For me, i enjoy collecting them and also reselling to other collectors, so being able to combine both my collecting and selling hobby is a joy for me.



I hope you found this a little bit helpful in understanding about Quad posters.

Have fun collecting!

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