UK Sofa beds buying guide

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When shopping for a sofa bed it helps to remember that it will most often be primarily used seating, so it helps to look for a sofa with same features you would in a regular sofa, such as design that fits your style and need preference.The only difference is you ill be looking for a comfortable mattress and efficient operating mechanism.

Call it a sleeper sofa or sofa bed, this is one of the most functional pieces of furniture, if you have space limitation , having a sofa bed in the living room rather than a sofa might be the best way to go. While it functionality is never question there are factors you should consider before you set off to buy one.

One consideration you should give is what ill be the primary purpose either for seating or sleeping, you must also now the quality difference among manufactures offering sofa beds. Bottom is by the best quality sofa your money can buy.

Things To Consider.

Space Restriction
If you ill be sleeping on it yourself, then a twin size sofa bed might be the perfect answer for you a these are less than 5 feet wide and they are great for sleeping one person. The sleeping space for  a twin size sofa bed is about 39" wide while the length could be 50' to 101" . 

Check Mattress Quality 
A quality mattress makes for a good night sleep and will comfortably support the body at the shoulder, hips and lower back. A thicker mattress is not necessary better , as a thinner better constructed one might offer better support. You could also consider using comfortable mattress pad on the top when you use the sofa bed for sleeping.

Test it
It is not a bad idea to test before you buy it, if this item is not available for test, you have every right to ask the retailer questions that arouse your curiosity before you buy. You should expect your sofa to be easily operated without any restrain.

Measure It 
Don't forget to measure or get the dimension right before you buy, always find out what the measurement will be before and after you open it

Look for Good Open Close Mechanism
The sofa bed should b easily operated without any difficulty, All edges around the sofa must be smooth, so that the blanket don't catch up and get ripped

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