UK UHF Radio Mics

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With the potential "sell-off" of the UHF frequencies that are currently being used to transmit Analogue TV in the UK, there is a chance that the current licence free band (channel 70) allocated to radio mics will also be sold and will have new owners and potentially new rules. This means that in a few years from now, all radio mics and in-ear-monitoring currently using the free UK band could well be transmitting illegally.

Quotation below taken from the JFMG website, lots more on there to read about...


Ofcom has issued notice via a letter to PMSE users that the band 470 - 862 MHz will be re-ordered as a result of Digital Switch Over (DSO). DSO is the process beginning in 2008, whereby analogue TV stations will be closed region by region and be replaced by digital (DVB-T) transmissions. This will have a direct impact on future availability to PMSE users of this band and this risk must be taken into account when considering the purchase of equipment

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