UK guide to health and fitness gadgets and devices pt 1

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This is part one in a series of guides on how to help improve your health and fitness.Thiey are many devices and machines that one can use to keep fit but perhaps the first i recommend is diet.Before considering exercise it is worth while also considering a healthy balanced diet.Having said that they are a variety of devices such as the TANITA product range that aid in monitering how effective your diet and exercise is.

Guide to TANITA products

I love shiny, computerized gadgets, but I've ever been a fan of scales. I'll make an exception for the Tanita InnerScan simply because it goes well beyond just total body weight and provides measurements for visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass, metabolic age and even gives you a physique rating by using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. Having this information can make measuring progress more meaningful than just a number on a scale.The products comes with full instruction manuals for easy directions.Tanita scales,pedometers are also good aids if your are plannig to put the Xfactor in your training.

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