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Ok so if your reading this your proberbly thinking about getting an apple iphone. I looked on ebay considering a purchase of an unlocked phone from the USA or Asia, however i decided i wanted to know more about unlocked iphones first, you may or may not be aware that apple stated that it would be impossible to unlock these phones........How wrong were they????

 Yes these phones can be opened to work on other networks and you can get one on ebay for 3 to 4 hundred quid and it's true that when you get one on 02 it will work out to £909 by the time you have paid your £269.00 plus your 18 months @ £35 pm, but before you rush into getting an unlocked phone from the US or Japan consider this .......... You won't have a guarantee if the phone goes wrong, you can't get every feature using an unlocked phone, you have to have the phones activated and I am not sure this can be done using any other network other than 02 (it may or may not) but proberbly the least known and most important factor is this.

Apple have stated that this already brilliant phone (and it is) is still being developed to be even better whenever they make an improvement or add a feature LIGITIMATE owners (02 customers) will be able to download these improvements & add ons FREE OF CHARGE! however anyone downloading upgrades and add ons to an iPhone that has been unlocked will find there unit will automatically lock back to it's original network. Example, if you are using an unlocked phone from the US and you try to download upgrades / add ons your phone will lock back to AT&T. Ok so you can always pay to have it unlocked again, but before long they will find a way to incorporate into an upgrade an anti unlocking system or worst still a way to permanantly disable unauthorised network phones

The iphone is due for release in France soon, the French government forbid mobile phones to be locked to any one network so it might be possible to obtain one from there which should work on any network however the rumour is that it will only display in French all other languages are removed (it's just a rumour but i am sure apple have thought of a way round this.

After finding out all of this and given that I already have an 02 contract I decided to bite the bullet and get an upgrade I already pay the monthly subscription anyway so buying the phone from 02 was the cheaper option, and I believe the wisest one in the long run. Plus i got to keep my phone number and didn't have to wait to get it back as it automatically sincs it to the iphone then deactivates your sim card (but it sends all your contacts too.)

Summary: ............. Think about it hard before you decide

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