UK sellers on eBay purchases

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I want to share with you what happens in eBay with UK sellers.
Most of them do not list their items with an international shipping cost.
Their listings are for UK only.
So,you have to contact with them asking if they sent to your country and the P&P cost.
Half of them very kindly have a negative answer that they do not sent to foreign.
The rest of them very kindly also answer that they sent to other countries including the cost.
Since they go to post office,i have a query why didn't they send international.
You are going to tell me, that's why. Ofcourse,i understand this.
May be it's their culture to see things that way,may be is something else,i don't know.
I have to say that 4 years know to eBay mostly with UK eBayers,i have a very good opinion for them.
I don't know their opinion for us,the foreigns but i believe that we build our trust each other.
I'm from Greece and i have met 4 other eBayers from my country. We all build this relationship with positive feedbacks.Only this way we can do our world better.
On the other,the majority of US & European sellers include in their listings international P&P.

Thank you.
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