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im so cheesed off with dishonest ebayers who list items and have no intention of sending you them, whether it be the ones who do not list their items at a prices they find exceptable, (for example they list it for 0.99p but really feel its worth 4.99) so once the item has sold at 0.99p they then decide they are not prepared to send you it even though you have completed your side of the deal, which means you then run the risk of having neg feedback left as you have had to argue for your refund or even worse you have had to claim from paypal to get your own money back. Others that cheese me off are the ones who list their items, you win them, then they never show up, fair enough the occasional one can get lost in the post but to find that others have had the same experience with the same seller AND the seller continues to list the items that they haven't sent to you is extremely annoying, especially when the seller ignores all contact from you until you get paypal involved. i paid for an item a month ago and still have not recieved it with no signs of a refund, and there is nothing i can do about it. ebay can only do so much and even though it is plain theft as someone has physically taken your money the police don't want to know as its a petty crime.
   please please please, look at the feedback that has been left by others on the person you are bidding from especially expensive items, as in effect you are totally relying on the seller to send you the item with the knowledge that you have no leg to stand on if it all goes wrong.
  paypal IS there to help but dishonest sellers do know the loopholes that will just mean that at worst they have their accounts suspended, but big deal it doesn't take a genius to open up another with different details. BE WARNED!
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