UPDATE on the scam Motorcycle Auction

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Update on the scam motorcycle auction Guide

Since I posted my guide on how to avoid scam motorcycle auctions there has been a drop in people being ripped off, which is great news. HOWEVER as I said on my first guide, the scammers are as clever as clever can be and they can "adjust" what they are doing too. Well they have, which is why I am now writing this second part to the guide.

It also looks as if the scammers are now copying auctions (pictures and complete descriptions), simply changing very minor details. It also looks as if they are now using hacked accounts as well.

I have seen two of my auctions copied word for word just recently. One for a VFR750 and one for a FZR250. Thankfully eBay were prompt in dealing with both.

So, how to avoid these new scam auctions? They can be a tad harder to spot.

1) When you see the bike you are interested in, check the location of the seller.
There are some honest sellers in China, but unfortunately there are also a lot of scammers.

2) Check the seller's feedback
Zero feedback sellers are a tad more easy to spot, but if a seller has some feedback, check it. If they have never sold before, then check again.

3) Used the advanced search option and check the box for completed listings.
This is a very useful tool for spotting previously sold similar items. If the bike you are looking at has been sold before check if it was the same seller. Some times a bike is re-listed because a bidder has not completed the sale. If it is a different seller and in a different country.... DON'T TOUCH IT WITH A BARGE POLE.

4) Remember if you have ANY doubts, use the "Ask the Seller a Question" and ask the seller for a phone number to talk to them about the bike. Any legitimate seller should not refuse you.

If it doesn't look/smell/feel right then it probably isn't.

I am not allowed under eBay rules to link to dodgy sellers, or post dodgy eBay ID's but they are not hard to find if you read both guides.

Using both guides you should be able to avoid being ripped off.

If you see anything that I have missed, please let me know so that I can add the information to my guide to help others avoid being ripped off.

P.S. NEVER EVER send money by Western Union money transfer. This is untraceable and the payment method of choice by scammers. In fact, Western Union has been abused so much by scammers that eBay.co.uk have now banned this as a payment option.

Safe biking.


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