UPDATED: What's the Difference bet Crest 3D Whitestrips

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Now that Crest has launched a new range of Whitestrips, it can get rather confusing trying to understand the difference between the 5 new products.
So here is a quick and easy way to compare them!

           INTENSE WHITENING                                      SPECIALITY WHITENING
Basically the first 3 are categorized as having stronger whitening effects - and the latter 2 are for specific purposes - Touch ups & Sensitive teeth

Hope it helps!

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This is my first guide and the purpose is to shed some light on the range of products in the Crest Whitestrips range so you can make a more informed decision should you decide to purchase.

I will touch on 5 products commonly seen on eBay.
The main difference between these would be the strength of the strips and the duration of treatment. Strength refers to the percentage of hydrogen peroxide - the active ingredient used to brighten your teeth.

This is exactly the same ingredient used by dentist in professional whitening treatments.


  • The first product in the range (hence the classic name), this has the weakest strength of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • The classic is packaged in a box with 56 strips, 28 for the upper set of teeth and 28 for the lower set of teeth. Treatment spans 2 weeks, with 30 minutes twice a day to get maximum effect.


  • Crest Whitestrips Premium has significantly more whitening strength than the classic.
  • At 10% hydrogen peroxide, it works well for many people, especially people with yellow teeth.
  • The premiums are packaged in a container with 28 strips, 14 for upper and 14 for lower
  • Treatment spans 7 days, two 30 minute sessions a day. Results can be seen in just 3 days

PRO EFFECTS (Previously Known as PREMIUM PLUS):::

  • Crest Whitestrips Premium Plus has the same strength as the premiums. However the treatment contains more strips than the premiums
  • Treatment contains 10 day supply of 40 strips, 20 for upper and 20 for lower.
  • Based on number of strips, the premium plus is an attractive buy.


  • Crest Whitestrips Renewal is marketed to the older generation customers above 50+.
  • These strips are slightly weaker than the premiums / plus as they contain 9.5% hydrogen peroxide gel.
  • Treatment consists of 40 strips, 20 for the upper and 20 for the lower teeth.


  • Currently the newest member of the Crest Whitestrips range, Daily Multicare has an unknown strength as of now but is set in between the Classic and the Premiums
  • Treatment contains 84 strips, 42 for the upper and 42 for the lower teeth.
  • Each application take only 5 minutes and the advantage is that you have better control over the effect especially if you may experience sensitivity.

So thats it! I hope my guide aided your research for a brighter smile!

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