UR Galaxy

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Do not use this Ebay supplier.

Just like howpointless 'Just wanted to warn you all about this ebay retailer. Some of you might of had good service from this supplier but I haven't. It's been three months since I ordered something thing from him and its still not arrived. He's not offering any expanation and/or refund and he's now not even bothering to answer my emails.

I didn't lose much, a few pounds, but be warned.'

I was the same as Howpointless and also he gave me a negative feedback for giving him negative feedback for stealing my money.

Watch out also as he will try and delay you all the time so as you miss the 45 day rule on Pay Pal.


Also, he has been reported to Ebay on numerous occassions but as yet Ebay have taken no action (he is a Power Seller after all!)
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