US RCA Victor and Columbia pressings in South East Asia

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Malaysia and Singapore( which used to be part of Malaysia briefly) were part of the British Empire. I suppose the Brits having control decided not to allow "Nipper" to appear on any other record labels other than their EMI Columbia or HMV pressings. As the US RCA also had a "Nipper", several things were done:

1) A factory sticker bearing the words "RCA" in either a squarish form or a rectangular one, was pasted over "Nipper" on the covers. On the labels a semi-circular sticker was pasted over the upper part. I am of the strong belief that this was done in the US itself and not here. They used some rather strong adhesive which made the removal of these stickers almost impossible to remove without causing some damage. In the 1980s, when I went through the Audiophool (oops, I mean Audiophile) phase in my record collecting, I have damaged many classical labels by attempting to remove them to determine whether they were :shaded dogs", "white dogs" etc

2) For those which somehow slipped through, the local distributor used some kind of thick black paint to cover the offending dogs.

A similar "censoring \" attempt was made on US Columbias. On the covers, a series of printed stickers bearing the words"CBS" ere pasted over the Columbia name as Columbia was also under EMI. On the labels, a circular sticker was pasted on the perimeter. However, unlike the RCA ones , these were easier to remove.

On a related note, I suppose Decca was in a similar situation but they tackled t differently. Albums on the US Decca label were generally brought in here on the "Life" label, a subsidiary of the US Decca label.

I should also point out that this does not mean all all RCA's or Columbia's found here will have these features. Singapore had a large expat community whousually left their collection here when they left and these will include copies bought or acquired elswehere. Furthermore, independent importers also brought in those "unadulterated" copies though I must add these are relatively scarce.

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