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I would like to pass on a little of my experiance on buying on ebay: Always look at the feedback of the seller that you wish to buy from.Read it carefully!!! Just because there is a negative doesn't mean that the seller is bad.Some peoople leave bad feedback because the P&P charges were too high.ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! If you don't agree with the charges don't bid or if you really like the item then send an email and ask the seller about the charges.If they really are high,then report it to ebay.Some people leave negative for stupid things.Try emailing the seller if you aren't happy that is usually the best way.To post a pair of shoes with platform soles and 4" heels costs about £3.40 2nd class Recorded!!! A  top or dress costs about £1.88 or £2.60 recorded!!! It doesn't cost that much.It is always best if the item is sent recorded.that way the seller can't say that they have sent it and it must be lost in the post as this does happen,usually when they haven't had many bids and the item has sold for less than they wanted.I would like to add that when a seller say's on their listing that "they won't be held responsible for lost items but they always get proof of posting and they will help in anyway" is RUBBISH!!! The seller is responsible for that item and if they can't provide a  tracking number(which you can only get with a recorded delivery) then paypal will always go in favour of the buyer.The proof that they are refering to that they always obtain is a receipt with the buyers postcode hand-written on it.Paypal WON'T accept this.They will only accept a tracking number.Even if they say that you were offered the choice to take out insurance and have it sent recorded and you opted for the normal delivery.They are still responsible for that item.After all they shouldn't offer a  choice,they have to be able to prove that they sent the item to your address,how does paypal or the buyer know that they sent it in the first place!! they should post it recorded then it would be peace of mind for everyone.How rude is it to expect someone to pay for an item including the postage and then tell them that if it goes astray in the post ,that they have to claim their money back themselves.I call that CRAP CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! It is the seller that should do the claiming,as the seller should have posted it recorded!!!they will be-able to claim their money back from royal mail.If you have to return an item don't use those brown padded envelopes as they cost too much to post.A plastic parcel bag is much cheaper.If you saw the staff at my local post office!!! they have their little letter box that is poxy thin!!! and when they go to put the brown padded envelopes through the letter box if it doesn't glide through without having to gently give it a push,they will charge you more( THE POSTIES ABSOLUTELY FORCE IT THROUGH THE LETTER BOX ANYWAY!!!)BUT if you put it in a plastic parcel bag they will push that through and it costs you a fraction.ALWAYS SEND IT BACK RECORDED!!! or the seller could just say that they haven't received it and so many of them do..The five star ratings are a way to state wether you were happy with the overall service.Tell the truth.If the seller  hasn't contacted you after the auction only click the  1st or 2nd star.If they make over a £1.00 off the p&p charges then that is unreasonable so say so!!!



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