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  • Acid Free Primer
  • Clear Gel Base
  • White Tip Gel
  • Builder Gel
  • Top Coat Gel/Sealer

Use acid free primer sparingly to the natural nail plate only. (Tip: Dab brush on paper towel first)

Brush on clear base gel on to four fingers of one hand using a medium oval gel brush and cure under a uv lamp for 2/3 minutes. Repeat on the other hand.

Remove the sticky residue using a lint free wipe and acetone free remover.

Apply the white gel - use another brush to make a smile line doing one nail at a time and cure for 10 seconds. Once four nails have been done cure for a full 2/3 mintues. Repeat on the other hand.

Build the nail shape using builder gel making a nice 'C' Curve using your choice of builder gel. (pink or clear). Apply the builder gel one nail at a time ensuring you do not make the free edge to thick and drag the gel right over the free edge and cure for 10 secondes. Gels can shrink by up to 20% When all four fingers have been done cure for a full 2/3 mintues. Repeat on the other hand

Now do the thumbs.

Once all the nails have been done, refine with a nail file, contour cuticle and side walls of the nails ensuring no gel is in the cuticles or sidewalls. The nails should have a natural 'c' curve appearance.  Thinner in the cuticles and free edge. The 'C' curve is required for streghth.

Buff over the nails with a white block to smooth surface and remove dust and debri with a nylon manicure brush.

Santiise nails with a nail cleanser or antiseptic spray using a lint free wipe.

Apply top coat gel/sealer to all nails and cure for 4 mins.

Depending on brand used you may be required to remove the sticky residue with a lint free wipe and acetone free remover or gel cleanser.

Apply cuticle oil or treatment to cuticles.

Finish with top coat/uv top coat if required. 


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