Ugg Boots - The Whole Story

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The Decker Corporation does not own the name "ugg" - fact. There are lots of people knowingly or unknowingly selling ugg boots on ebay that are trying to imitate the products of the above named corporation - I know not why. There are, in Australia, many genuine manufacturers of ugg boots, made of Grade A Australian sheepskin, and they are making them in Australia. Just search on google and you will find them. You do not have to buy rediculously priced Chinese made sheepskin boots just because they have "UGG Australia" on them. There are real mauufacturers of real Australian ugg boots in Australia - look for them and you will find them. And, also, originally ugg boots were made with 2 pieces of sheepskin sewn so that there were 2 seams vertically up the front and the back. Don't let the Decker Corp of California convince you otherwise.
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