Uggs and fake suppliers

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Hi there,

This guide is not explaining what boots are fake or not, but the suppliers who sell them and how to tell who they are. It is not rocket science however most people think that because someone is selling 30 pairs of boots on the same day, all the same size and style they must be a supplier with a job lot, absolutely not the case, they are infact more than likely being sent from abroad somewhere.

Also, you must without doubt check out the sellers feedback, not to determine positives - negatives etc, although this is needed but to see how long they have been a member, if you see a new member within 2 days selling a large amount of Ugg boots with a username that makes no sense whatsoever i.e a string of numbers or letters then they are most definately selling fakes.

You will also find sellers that say they can supply direct from the factory and this could take upto 2 weeks for delivery, this is what is called "drop shipping" and you will find they will be sent straight from the counterfeiters factory overseas, you will then more than likely have to pay customs duty, which will make the fake boots even more expensive.

I hope this mini guide helps you in finding the Ugg boots you are looking for and stops you from getting ripped off.





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