Ultimate Ruger 10/22 manual

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The Ultimate Ruger 10/22 manual and user guide by Mark White. The book is 210mm by 280mm 105 pages with large black and white images. This is more of a coffee table brows than a serious manual. I found it useful in parts but it seriously fell short of my expectation of an Ultimate manual on this particular rifle.

My heart fell when I read the first paragraph about crossbow stocks being turned into early muskets.  A rather usless potted history of the invention of the firearm for such a specialist publication. We want to know about our 10/22's not how guns were invented. There are a few tips on how to improve the trigger and hammer, but mark white tends to shy away from detailed explanation of aftermarket replacments and dwelling on how to self improve your Ruger parts. A shame, because one of the great things about the 10/22 is the profusion of available and inexpensive after-market kits for this little rifle. I wanted to know how to fit a volquartsen extended mag release and a hold open device. Both these item are commonly fitted to owners 10/22, I want to cut costs by learning how to fit these myself. The book could have helped there, but there's no sign of help in this well needed area.

The book then goes on to other general areas of how to shoot. Again, not what you expect to see in a book about a particular type of rifle, I get the impression of padding out the book with general information. Mark White is keen to tell us how well educated he is in the book.But its a shame it all comes across as a little bit of an opinionated ego trip from him.

Generally I'm still hunting with my 10/22, but I'm also still hunting for the Ultimate book on it.


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