UnFair P & P Charges !! A Cry from most buyers?

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Unfair Postage!

It’s been time for me to sit and write a guide about the loads of moaning buyers who have written thousands of guides about Ripoff postage costs on eBay. I am writing to defend the genuine sellers and in NO way support those sellers who are really a RIPOFF !!!!

As a Business seller on ebay I feel that buyers should understand that the postal cost is not just the stamp, but the stamp, the box/paper/envelope, printing materials, packing time, admin, trip and fuel to the post office etc.... Professional seller use printed labels, quality packing (whivh needs to be paid for) plus some have to pay 17.5% VAT on postage as well. Unfortunately Ebay, Petrol in this country is not free and neither is wrapping materials. We do not use used paper or used jiffy bags found round the corner! But buy them paying money! We always make the P & P charges visible  and clear to the buyer who decides whether they are acceptable or not, and most people are sensible to know that you need more than just a stamp to dispatch an item ??

Since the initial date of publishing this guide in 2007, Royal Mail has increased its postage charges twice, i.e once in April 2008 & April 2009. Even though it is costing us more to post than two years ago, many genuine sellers and myself have not increased the postal charges and here we go eBay is after FREE postage rules in many categories. Buyers please understand there is nothing called FREE postage any where in the world!!! as the stamps don't come with a 0.00 value.  

Update: April 2010 - The postage prices have gone up again, so has the other related costs of running a business, yet they p&p cost complaint is not over and buyers don't appreciate that.

Update : April 2011 - The cost of postage stamps have been increased by Royal Mail w.e.f 4/03/2011 - This year the increase is from 11% to 15%, this is a record rise in the history of Roya l Mail. A watchdog described the inflation-busting rise as "disappointing". Do remember that this cost increase as well as the VAT increase will have a direct effect on profitability of eBay sellers. So has eBay increased the FVF charges. So buyers please try and understand how hard some sellers work to deliver your requirements to your door.

Update April 2015 - The cost of postage has gone up again this year with new formats introduced for parcels, looks like RM will kill small online businesses!

Another day, where Royal Mail have pushed me deeper into depression!

Business account 2nd class large letter upto 100g has an 18% increase.

Then there’s the 2.5% fuel surcharge. So 65p will be the new total. 20% increase in total then. Last year it rose by 30%

I still offer my items for 99p postage! on small items.

Updated Sep 2015 - Even with offering FREE P&P buyers are not happy!! (They all know....... No one gets postage stamps for FREE!! )

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