Undated 20p coins

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The media focus on the Undated 20p has had some unfortunate and unexpected consequences. The London Mint Office announced a few weeks ago that we would pay £50 to any member of the public who was registered with us, for an Undated 20p.

The Undated 20p coins were struck last year, two coin making dies that should not have been combined produced a coin that has no date on EITHER SIDE of the coin. The name 'Undated 20p' has therefore come to be associated with these coins.

However, some unscrupulous individuals are offering for sale, usually via a popular internet auction web site, coins that are described as 'Undated 20p' coins that are undated on ONE side. These coins are offered at very low prices - often £5 or £10 - and the temptation is to buy one of these coins then redeem them under The London Mint Office's buy scheme for a healthy profit.

Unfortunately, the legitimate Undated 20p is not dated on EITHER side - every single 20p coin ever struck is undated on one side so what the scammers are selling you is in fact a regular 20p coin that is worth just 20p.

We would ask all our registered Undated 20p customers to be very wary of these sorts of offers and to ensure the coin is NOT DATED on either side before offering to buy.

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