Understanding the younger baby

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Do you feel you go by the books when it comes to babies? Doing anything the midwife or healthvisitor tell you to do? I know its in the best interest of the babies welfare, but what if babies could talk? They could tell you that they dont want a bottle, but instead want something to eat, or that they want to play with a certain toy that you wont give them because they're too young. Understanding a baby is best left to the parental instinct. If you're baby is ready for solids, he or she would soon let you know when they start watching you eat, and get excited as the smell wafts past their nose, or they might open their mouths thinking you're giving them a bit.

My son is nearly 16 weeks old, and hes starting to have solids. He only has one or two meals a day, but its enough to keep him happy. Today, he had a jar of juicy fruit crumble, and after he'd eaten it, he was looking for more. He then had his 8oz bottle of C+G 2nd stage milk. I dont want to boost it up any more, but he tries having a bottle every 3 hours, instead of every 4. Thats why he's now on solids. The Midwives and Health visitors now say wait until they are 6months old, but if a baby is ready, i say give it a try. If they dont want the food, they spit it out and moan until they get their milk. I know there may be problems with food intolerance, but if they dont try anything, how do you know if they are allergic to any ingredients?

Its the same with toys.

Have you ever wondered what to buy a young baby? Most people tend to buy teddys and clothes. Some buy rattles or teething rings. But what would a young baby really enjoy?

My son has his favourite teddy, a cuddly cloth and his favourite dummy... What else would he like? Not alot, i hear you say...? Thats where you may be wrong, or in some ways, you may be right. Babys don't really like a lot of things because they dont know how to play with toys properly, or watch their favourite programmes and understand whats going on. One thing i have noticed with my son is that he loves noise, pretty lights, shiny chrimbo decorations and being involved with myself and my partner.

In the past few weeks, he has received many different presents. He got a teddy and wrist rattle, a counting caterpilla, a vtech teddy, a musical frog, a glow winnie the pooh and a lion playmat. He also has a lot of noisy books, touchy-feely books, and a small collection of disney audio books. I often sit him on my lap and read to him, or interact with him with the touchy-feely books.

When hes at the age of taking things in, its not so bad buying things for 6months etc, as he isn't left alone with the toys. I am always there with him. He has his dummy, or he has a teething toy to chew when i'm reading to him so as he grows up, he knows he can have either of these in his mouth, but not anything that may cause him to choke.

I understand if you think i'm talking a load of nonsense, but at the same time, i may be talking some sense. After all, they are the next generation, and we all want whats best for them.

Don't be afraid to try new things, despite what the health visitor and midwife say. Take what they say into note, of course, but also think to yourself, "Shall i do as she says, or shall i try this, this or this?"

Its entirely up to you as it is your child. I'm only doing what i feel is right.

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