Unfair Bid Retractions

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If you are a seller you will know how annoying it is when a bidder retracts his/her bid, particularly when it is done a day or two after he/she has placed his/her bid.  Do you just believe that they have entered the wrong amount? If they did then why didn't they cancel their bid straight away! Many unscrupulous ebayers are retracting bids for non genuine reasons, ie They have found a better, or a cheaper one. Or they bid on several items hoping to get one cheap and then cancel the others. They have many different reasons but all are unfair to the seller. I urge you to look at their feedback (Usually the feedback is fine) now look at how many bid retractions they have made in the past 6 months, if this ebayer is using the bid retraction facilitiy unfairly this number will be high compared to the number of items he has purchased. I always report these incidents to eBay (They are not really interested but I do it anyway) and block the eBayer from bidding on anymore of my auctions. I am sure this is futile as he will only go elsewhere but at least it makes me feel better. If everyone who was a vicim of these unscrupulous bidders, reported them to ebay, maybe eBay would do something about it, i.e. If you withdrew more than 2 bids in a month you would be suspended from bidding for a month or so.
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