Unfair Detailed Seller Report Star system

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Hi,How many of us sellers are there going through a bad patch with unwarranted and gerogatory marking in the dsr chart.

No matter how far we bend backwards for our customers we are left at the mercy of the dsr system.Although positive feedback is left with fantastic comments,you look in your dsr chart and you guessed it they fragged you.Some buyers just must get a kick out of it,some are just hell bent to do it because they can.

Please  dont get me wrong their is some if not most great buyers out there who appreciate what we do.Again there are some sellers out there who deserve to be fragged due to the abysmal service they get.

Why should us decent sellers be left out in the open like this and have no protection.I have complained to ebay and yes you guessed it a computer generated response saying i am doing ok because i havent dropped past the minimum scores.Pathetic just as it is that sellers cannot leave negative feedback to the awful buyers out there,and you know that there is,again some of them out there to treat ebay as a game and see who they can destroy within the dsr system.

I do hope other sellers agree with me on this,i work very hard to keep the dsr scores good and just when i am nearly 100% some nutter decides he,s having a bad day and leaves bad dsr,s because he can and i cannot do anything about it.

Please if you read this,start answering the ebay surveys and get your say in as i cannot see any other way of getting anyones attention on this.

This system should be scrapped,or if positive feedback is left then they should only be allowed to leave 5 stars,3 stars if neutral and if youv,e earnt a negative then they can do their worst.

Well thats my moan over and i hope you agree,we need to do something about it and soon,many thanks for reading,regards damien.

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