Unfair Feedback

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I have just been reading about a Seller's experience with PayPal and would like to record my experience. I purchased two pieces of silver jewellery from a prolific Seller. I paid immediately by PayPal - no problem. After a week, no items. Emails sent and replies to the effect that I should chase the item and given a Track Number. Now, I have never had to do anything of this sort before, but after going to my post office, was told I can only trace the tracking IF delivery has been attempted. This was not the case, so after waiting and further emails with slightly scathing remarks like "you'll get your refund when I get mine from the post office", I decided to place a claim as time was running out. I finally got my refund, all credit to PayPal.  No Feedback was given to me for my prompt payment UNTIL I gave a Neutral and explained the reason. I didn't even give a Negative. But I got a NEGATIVE in both cases. This is so unfair. I paid immediately. I am the injured party and yet I get the Negative Feedback. When I left a comment on his site, he then countered it with aspersions as to my mental state.   He is a disgrace to Ebay and I have two red Negs. for nothing.  This was done in spite. What a horrible seller. Oh, incidentally, I emailed Ebay about his casting aspersions and they practically ignored it.  Typical.


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