Unfair Rating & Feedback system for Sellers

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I recently discovered the sellers can not leave negative or neutral feedback for some unreliable buyers. It came to a shock for me!

eBay is suppose be a place for fair trading at personal and commercial level. 

As a person buyer/seller, I find very unfair for such contracted rating & feedback system. What's the harm of apply same rules on both side? Does laws only applied to citizens not judges? Obviously we all know rules should apply to all regardless who you are, but why this is not the case come to ebay's feedback system???

So while some buyers can abused the rating & feedback system by leaving untruthful feedbacks or intentionally reduce seller's star ratings even after received best service.  Sellers can not do anything if buyers sent fake paypal receipt, never intentionally to pay or asking to send the item before payment....

A typical example of this buyer I came across recently, kully2010cammy, he/she bidded and won the item I listed, immediately after list end, he/she sent me a message said: "hi i bidded on this item of yours becuase i wanted it for my Grandson for his birthday this firday coming up the only thing is i just tryed paying and i dont have enough funds to pay sorry but is there any change that you could post the item today or tomorrow please so i recieve it in time for him and i promise i will pay first thing saturday on my way to work and a bit extra. " , So I emailed he/she back with kindest intention to help and I changed postage amount to 0. Then I never received a single reply and I messaged the buyer few time until I gave up and saw another seller had same experience with this buyer (left a positive feedback to warn other sellers!! who would go to check a buyer's feedbacks if its 100% and more than 8 ratings...) 

As a private seller, I feel sellers suffering so much from this unfair eBay rating systems. It's not logical or fair and definitely not demonstrating so called "fair trading" on eBay. Rating system shouldn't be placed just to protect buyers from bad sellers but also for sellers to recognize unreliable buyers. 

I sincerely hope eBay considering to improve on this matter and recognize the potential damages on many sellers. 

Since I have't encounter any effective solution to this problem, I advice everyone stay safe and extra cautious about who you selling/buying products from. 

If you do support my act please vote YES or if you have experience as seller please vote YES. Thank you

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