Unfair chargebacks destroying people's livelihood

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I am writing this guide at the utter frustation of the last few days and the treatment meted out by paypal. i am a silver powerseller and above standard rated seller. i  set up shop only a few months ago selling accessories for mainly phones and macbooks. anyhow after redundancy i was beginning to feel hopeful that i could make a success of my life. 

then out of the blue an old chargeback came and hit me. back in february 2006 i had sold a brand new nokia n90 - yes that old! the winning bidder was a new ebay member. not knowing so much myself about ebay - i followed the paypal instructions and posted the phone out by special delivery. then in june 2006 i was informed of  a "chargeback" and paypal debited my account of the selling amount and requested that i make it up. i emailed them that they inform me what my mistake was or why the chargeback was performed and i was told that data protection act meant they could say nothing - so in essence they wanted my to hand over 350 odd pounds - with the phone already gone as well - but did not wish to provide a reason. any how after 2 years of constant letters from debt collection agencies i rang them and told them that even if they dropped the amount to a penny i would not pay on principle because i was the victim of fraud not the other way round - and what do paypal take commissions for if not to protect their customers.- or is the seller not a customer.

any how this monday i got an email saying my wifes paypal account would be limited - until the negative balance on my account would be paid. this amounts to blackmail. i had 500 pounds in the account with more going in every day from sales. even though it would be better for me to pay the balance and continue my business - i will not because why do we pay all these fees for if not for protection. only 6 months ago i paid a seller 440 pounds for some goods which failed to arrive and even though paypal settled in my favour i could have nothing  as he had cleared his paypal account! 

hence i have decided to close my shop and sell elsewhere. i know a small fish like me will not make any difference to ebay or paypal because we live in a world of "if im allright jack" - and people will always be sucked in - but if someone comes across this guide then at least they know its not just them.

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