Unfair to the seller received a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK

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I received a negative feedback from the buyer who bought the item only  £0.99.  The buyer gave me negative feedback without contacting me first to solve out the problem.  I asked her the reason.  She said I sold her the item didn't write on the description about the top with a hole.  I told her it's impossible has a hole on the top.  I am a careful seller and I always spend time to check my item.  The first time I checked the item before I took the item picture.  Second time I measured the item sizes. Third time I was packing the item, I would check all over again.  Also my delivery package always have two layers.  It's impossible the problem from the delivery.  This time I do think she is abusing the feedback tools and she refused my offer of refund of initial costs.

I am unhappy about ebay seller don't have a chance to defend themselves against manipulative buyers.  Now I received a negative feedback, I can't do anything to the buyer. It's unfair... 'Sellers can't leave negative feedback.'  Also Ebay limited my item quantities because of that £0.99 negative feedback.

Negative feedback is hard to avoid, right?
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