Unjustified Feedback by kim500racing

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I sold a genuine lancome body treatment fragrance spray to a buyer kim500racing. Around 6 weeks after the sale I received negative feedback stating that the item had been tampered with and the content was lighter than one she already had.

 I contacted the buyer asking that if she was unhappy with product why had it not been returned and asked how I could have tampered with a spray bottle that  is impossible to tamper with!

She stated that she didnt feel the need to return it, I thought that strange if she was unhappy with the purchase, she also avoided the comment about tampering with the bottle!

I tried to explain that it would be possible that it could be lighter than the one she had because it may have been inadvertantly subjected to sunlight and this may have been a  contributing factor, also it has a low alcohol content and unlike perfume fragrances that have a high alcohol content it would not possibly hold its full colour.

I would like to point out that I had 2 of these body sprays and the other recipient could not have been happier with her purchase. I sell lancome and biotherm products, along with some fragrances from time to time and of course ALL my items are genuine, I would not and do not sell fake items, I pride myself on trying to pass on some bargains to buyers on this site!

Anyway, try as I might to reason with this woman and to get her to remove the malicious, untrue and stupid comment about tampering with an UNTAMPERABLE (hope this is correct grammar) bottle she was unco-operative and remained stubborn. I am now in the process of legal discussions about deformation of character as any future buyers seeing this comment would be possibly deterred from dealing with me, although I hope any prospective buyers would see through this comment.

It angers and upsets me that buyers can leave stupid, untrue, damaging feedback and sellers have to waste unnecessary time sorting it out when it is unjustified, so beware this buyer kim500racing, she is just malicious and VERY unco-operative with her stupid unfounded comments.


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