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If you're looking to unlock your mobile phone - BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

I was daft enough to buy 'unlock software' for my Nokia 6280 off ebayer chris-p7 (with web link to freewebs.com/asain-prince) (THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHERS OUT THERE TOO!!!!!!)

ITS FAKE!!! It'll never work!!

After trying a code, I felt uneasy as I wasn't sure what I was doing &, as there wasn't a help option on the software, I went to the internet & I was, thankfully, saved from locking my phone permanently by reading a report left by a 'friendly' ebayer (thanks again Steve!)

So, I'm just doing what I can to help you lot out there avoid being conned & locking up your phones, by assisting in exposing these un-wanted thieves! 

Happy e-baying :o)

31-05-06 - I have been back to the phones server Vodafone to get the unlock code(they were quite understanding about the silly situation I got myself in and were happy to help), I was advised it would normally cost £20 and it can take up to 14days to be emailed.  They have advised me that (for this and other new phones) that there is only one unique code to your phones IMEI number!  They also say the code may be able to be given immediately over the phone for other older models & other makes of mobile.  Hope this helps.

19-03-08 - Forgot I ever did this guide, I'd like to add that I have recently been able to unlock a phone via one of 'the many genuine web sites' available that for a very small charge compared to your provider (typically £2-£6) can do this safely for you.  There is no 'software' you download just that you need to enter your phones make & model (check it is one that they can give a code for before you pay, the site should provide a list for you) & its unique IMEI number and pay the small fee, they then either give you the code to unlock you phone either immediately on screen after paying or by email.  Worked ok for me on a couple of nokia phones.

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