Unlocking your mobile phone through ebay sellers

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Just thought id give you a quick nugget of advice regarding some sellers who offer an unlocking service for your mobile phone.

I had a phone given to me by a family member. This phone was brought on pay as you go on vodafone.

I spotted a seller who said in their auction that they could unlock phones by sending to them with a 1 day turnaround, but they could get phones on vodafone unlocked though a simple code from vodafone.

All that they required was your mobile number and the IMEI code. So i thought tht this would be great for me. He said the cost was different for this service and would need to contact them to find out cost.

Within a couple of minutes he told me the cost was £10 as this was to cover the cost that vodafone charged and that i would have to wait 24 hours for the unlock code.

Now I thought to myself that he obviously put a little something on the price to cover his costs so i contacted Vodafone directly (got number of their website as was calling of home phone, if using vodafone mobile just dial 150) to see how much they charge, therefore cutting out the middleman.

After selecting various options i spoke to an advisor who explained that she could give me the unlock code after giving her the mobile phone number and the IMEI code. No money was asked for and i inserted my O2 sim card started the phone at which point the phone asked for a code. Inserted code received from vodafone and voila one unlocked phone.

I dont know if there is a period of time which you have to have owned the phone before they give you the code (This phone was 13 months old) but its always worth ringing them and checking. I dont know if othe mobile providers offer this service but vodafone where really helpfull.

I emailed the seller back and asked him how he warranted a £10 charge to which i got no reply. (surprise, surprise)

Hope this guide helps someone out.


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