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I am writeing this review to help you stay safe when purchaseing unofficial runescape 2 money making guides.


I personaly offer the best and biggest unofficial runescape 2 money making guide around,  and i mean it. My guide is 53 pages and 32 chapters.  It will be on sale,  on ebay in 2 WEEKS.  As i am going on holiday for two weeks on saturday,  and its best i dont leave it encase any possible buyers,  want to contact me,  and i wont be there,  as i take great support for my customers.


Do you think that they are worth it?  Runescape 2 money making guides can and cant be worth it. 

1) I suggest if the seller of the guide,  hasnt written how many chapters,  and pages it is,  you either ask them or dont buy it as those people who sell the guide for prices such as £0.01 usually just make 1 paragraph,  and dont tell you.

2) Watch out for digital delivery runescape 2 money making guides.  Im not in any way trying to cut there sales.  But it has happend to me,  and i know what alot of these digital delivery runescape 2 guides are.  The seller(s) can sometimes be hackers.  A hotspot to hack runescape accounts is infecting the victims pc with a virus.  Thousends of people everyday search for runescape money making guides on ebay,  and some of those sellers who use digital delivery,  sell it cheap (for like £1.00) so they get some R.L. money.  Then if you win the item,  it takes you to the download link were you can download the guide through digital delivery.  BE CARFUL,  the seller can easily infect the download link with keylogger,  or other bad viruses,  so your downloading a runescape guide,  and also infecting your pc with a virus without knowning.  So you have basicly payed the hacker £1.00 to hack any accounts you have.  Then the hacker can ruin your pc,  steal your runescape account,  or worse steal your ebay and paypal account(s).  This personaly happend to me,  i lost £50.00 from my paypal ballance,  as on my old ebay account,  wich i closed as the hacker new its password and everything,  I bought a runescape money making guide,  went to the download link,  downloaded 3 MEG,  and in that 3 meg was keylogger.  I didnt realise,  till i got my reciept from paypal,  and it said "More great items from this seller".  "Keylogger,  spyware,  XXX viruses,  the ultimate hacking kit".  Then I rang up NORTON INTERNET SECURITY,  and it turned out i had spyware,  and keylogger on my pc from that file i had downloaded.  Then i immediatly thought of my paypal account,  that had my bank details on it,  and i had over £7000 in that account.  I luckily only lost £50.00,  as I got the law involved,  and they blocked the hackers I.P from any online shoping site,  or paying site (E.g. Paypal, Surfpin etc...).  The hacker had legal action pursuiting against him.  He is now blocked from  any online shoping,  buying,  auction,  gambleing, P2P games,  and Paypal and ebay.

3)  Always check the seller of the guides,  feedback.  If they have good feedback,  like not alot of negitives it should be ok,  but be sure to see if they have sold the item before,  and see what the buyers feedback is.  If they are good,  not alot of negitives,  power seller,  or just good feedback it should be ok.  If they have a dogie name like xxxhackxxx,  or _viruzes_rule etc...,  negitive feedback from any buyers of the guide they have sold it to before,  i wouldnt go for it.

I hope my advice on staying safe while buying runescape 2 guides has helped you.

Thank you,

rs2_guide --> Owner of the biggest Rs2 money making guide available online.



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