Unpaid Item Strikes

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I cannot see the point of unpaid item strikes. Just recently there seems to have been a spate of non-paying bidders who we've left strikes for, but where does that information go?
Surely it would be better for prospective sellers to see that someone has a history of non-paying or leaving bogus bids ("sorry mate, I meant to put in £700 and my hand slipped so it read £725") rather than leaving them with the squeaky-clean 100% feedback scores.

A 'buyer' recently bid on one of our items. Gave a pathetic excuse as to why he wouldn't pay, and now, looking at his history on ebay he has 'sold' the same large item twice within two weeks and received positive feedbacks on both occasions. Now we are not new kids on the block as far as ebay are concerned. We've been running a personal account since 2002 and have 4000 positive feedbacks so know how things work. If this guy hasn't been using friends or alternative accounts to bid up his own items then I'll eat my latest ebay invoice. He is obviously using ebay for his own benefits and ignoring the rules. So far he's cost us hours of time, plus the 'loss' of our fees for a week whilst the complaint was going through.

There really does need to be tighter controls on buyers. If the 'unpaid item strikes' are going to be effective then they need to be made public. Better still bring back the ability to leave negative feedback for these idiots who are taking up so much time.

The whole of ebay is set up for the buyer and not (strangely enough) for the seller. I say 'strange' as surely both ebay and PayPal get their money from the sellers and not the buyers?
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