Unscrupulous activity encouraged by Paypal from buyers

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Yet again I have fallen foul to Buyers who use Paypal as a means to defraud genuine Sellers. Such are the terms and conditions associated with Paypal that buyers can fabricate reasons why they should receive a refund and Paypal just capitulate.

I have just refunded a buyer who said the computer they bought from me was incorrectly described as the touch pad was not working. After receiving it back I find the computer had no problem with it what so ever. What is more insulting is the buyer had continued to use the computer upto the date they returned it, reconfigured, down loaded software and tampered with it in general.

I am now left with an item that requires attention. Paypal will not offer any compensation. I am out of pocket and the buyer is free to just carry on regardless. Where else on the planet can a consumer get away with such antics? This type of ABUSE must stop.I welcome any suggestions. Until sellers no longer need to offer Paypal as a payment option or Paypal give greater protection to Sellers I fear we will continue to be turned over.

A petition maybe in order or at least a start. Without sellers there are no buyers and without sellers there is no EBay and Paypal. I look forward to hearing from anyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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