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There are so many unsigned bands worldwide finding it difficult to get gigs, promotion and good management.  Sites promoting free e-space are some of the fastest growing on the internet for musicians to talk, share their ideas and promote their music without first having been signed to a record company.

Try as you might, getting your music across to the masses through most media, but especially television and radio, can take years of frantic writing, recording and hard work, only to take two steps forward and one back.

Promoting new music through this guide is our aim.  Unsigned band profiles will be shown here along with how to get a copy of their DVD and reviews of their music.

We hope you will follow us to uncover the world music we know is out there, but being ignored by the music industry.

If you agree, get in touch.  If you've got original music to promote, get in touch.  If you love music, get in touch.  Send me your CDs and I'll put them up for auction. 

The more bands collected together, the more access you get to customers, managers, promoters etc.,  so get involved...



the fegs, defiant pose

coming in from the cold again.  members of the fegs and defiant pose reformed this year and are working on new material and making videos for the same.  they've been working at it for a while now and are tight and gritty.  the lyrics stem from the old punk days but the music is right now.  very up.  very loud.  very good.  watch this space for the new name.  i'll let them announce it.  not for the faint hearted.  this is a hat tip to fanzines and cutout letters.  great stuff.


glasgow band working in scotland with a worldwide network.  these guys are great.  becoming very hip these days.  mixture of various genres and styles which always comes back to indie, rock with a little of the old punk scene happenning.  they're finishing off their first album, and being acomplished musicians, recorded everything themselves.  they're putting a record company package together.  the guys just finished their first video with the help of some arty west end friends.  looks great.  sounds great.  very up.  lyrics are quirky and sometimes funny and always tongue in cheek.  i  filmed their brilliant sell out king tuts gig in glasgow, and have been working on a documentary film with them.  one of their logos is a bottle of strong beer with "probably the best band in the world" label.  cool dudes with ATTITUDE.  and creeping into your subconscious is their aim.   you can catch them on myspace, which you will with most of the bands mentioned here.


the she

also a glasgow band, but a completely different feel and look.  3 scots lassies working from home, and doing the occasional gig.  very ethereal, kinda unreal.  sometimes makes you feel quite weird as the lush array of sounds enters your head.  you think you know where its going, and like tales of the unexpected, there's always a surprise.  very indi.  very female.  hints of jazz and classical with timings pointing you bjorkwise.  they tell me that it's all very personal, giving birth to this album.  lyrically it's spiky merged with soft strange keys which shouldn't work, but do.  they're coming up fast.  even they are shocked at how fast.  they grin a lot these days.  i'm seeing them again tomorrow to do some pics.  watch this space...also on myspace.


if anyone wants a review, send cd and pics to

lainey irvine

2/1, 9 canal street



pa1 2hd


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