Unwanted Gifts Presents Mystery WRAPPED Surprised items

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Honest Scam...............!!!

There seems to a flury of such items being listed this year.

Most have the normal spiel..........brought from an advert, from ex spouse, secret santa left overs, selling due to hall refurbishment, from a birthday party etc.

HOW MANY ITEMS can a person really get this way ? AND WHY are they nearly always wrapped in the same paper from a birthday party ?   200 guests went to the same gift wrapping shop ....................!!!

Then the seller puts a little clause along the lines : dont know whats in the package, quality item, dont hold it against me if you do not like.

A HONEST ebay accepts if they bid then they get what they bid on. Buyers should read the description carefully. HOWEVER WHAT DO YOU DO when the seller is just using this umbrella to sell on junk and the description is NOT WHAT they have lead you to believe the package contains Example " Contains a quality item"  - " worth £40 " THESE are just tatics to get your bid and your hard earned money.......... THINK before you bid.

  • CHECK the sellers feedback carefully, and what they sell and buy.
  • Check their hobbies etc ...warning bells if their hobby is charity shops and car boots, or the description reads "I have advertised and brought theses ".....etc.  It costs the seller ADVERTS< WRAPPING PAPER............ Even a blind man can see where I am leading with this.
  • Contains a gift worth £40
  • Contains a Channel handbag -- then why not photo it and show it ??

So when you the  buyer receives a empty box, or a battered old tired item, or left over car boot items... WHAT CAN YOU DO.

DO BE brave enough to leave them negative feedback. Help stop others buying JUNK from these dishonest ebayers.

The genuine sellers will show photographs of their unwanted gifts.

Check trading standards on selling and buying goods. You still have many rights as a buyer...................

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