Unwarranted + Defamatory Feedback and it,s Removal

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Hi,I would like to share my latest experience on ebay so all can read and hopefully learn a lesson on how bad an experience it can be.

First of all i sold an expensive phone,after a short period the buyer decided to tel me that it was not as described and wanted to return it.

Being the type of seller i am i accepted the return and was quite willing to give a full refund and also pay the return cost of postage.

I was informed the item was on it,s way and after a few days even i got concerned.

When the item did not turn up i asked the buyer exactly when he returned it ,I was informed that it was sent 1st class recorded tracked,however it did not turn up.

The buyer was then getting iritating,sending me messages that it was sent and i have had it,he even went through the process of telling me that he had been on a website that tells you where you are ie it can be traced.I found this very disconcerning and even informed ebay of this.

I pestered the post office for days and they could not help me in the slightest for which i got very mad at them.Eventually it was too late to really apologise as i found out that the buyer had lied all the way and it was not even sent recorded.Embarrassed with the post office is not the word.

Guess what,yes a claim was made through ebay for which for the next few days i was worried that not only did i not get my item back but this guy could even get his money back leaving me well done over.Eventually the decision was made and although (cant work this out) it was found in the buyers favour i did not lose out.

Harrassment messages followed for which i dutifully reported to ebay and they have now stopped,but i was left negative feedback for which i got the comment removed but not the negative and the low dsr scores.

Please be aware that even though you do your upmost in resolving issues like mine above you can and will come out worst,mine was not too bad but they can be worse.

I hope that after reading this it will enlighten some of you that no matter how good you are to people there are some out there that will absolutely spoil your day.

Thanks for reading,regards damien.

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