Update on fake Gillatte M3

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I previously read a warning about fake Gillette M3s:

"Some sellers are selling these at bargain prices....but beware! They are likely to be fake. Some of the packaging may be identical and difficult to tell apart. However, there are two main differences. If you are considering bidding for these, ask the seller if it says "GILLETTE" on the grey part of the back of the blade which would normally indicate a genuine blade. Also, the plastic case in which the blades are supplied is usually clear for genuine blades and green for fake. I purchased about 10 packets (40 blades) for what seemed a bargain price (advertised as genuine!), but they were absolutely rubbish...irritating the skin and impossible to shave with. These looked identical to the genuine product but did not say gillette on the back of the blade and the case was green. They were analysed by Gillette UK and found to be fake."

Just an update on this. The counterfeiters have now started to put "GILLETTE" on the grey blade casing. But the this grey plastic is "plain" whereas with the real blades, its got a slight metallic finish. The appearance of the fakes though, are getting very good, and its only the orange lube strip that's the dead give away....but you can only tell if you have a real one, un-used,  to hand,  for the comparison.  Good luck!
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