Upright or cylinder Dyson?

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Having had an upright Dyson DC01 for many years with no problems, it seemed logical to get a cylinder Dyson when we moved to our old cottage with a combination of carpets, floorboards, tiles and uneven stone floors.

We also have four cats which is another reason for choosing a Dyson as from experience with the DC01, nothing picks up pet hair so efficiently.

I was really excited about using my new Dyson DC08 Animal for the first time as I thought they would have made huge improvements to the brand over the years and with it being specifically for hard floors and pet owners I was sure it would be the ultimate vacuum cleaner.

However, I was very dissapointed. Sure it still has brilliant suction to pick up the pet hairs but, who on earth designed the hose fitting into one side of the vacuum so that when you pull it it turns sideways all the time rather than following you around the room? Also, the extending part of the hose doesn't always lock into place so it ends up getting shorter as you vacuum! The Mini Turbo Head is ok but not as good as an upright at picking up hairs. The machine is also bulky and very heavy to carry and the bin doesn't hold as much as the uprights so you have to empty it quite a lot. Also, the fact that the hose wraps around the machine isn't anything to get too excited about and it's extremely cumbersome so I hardly ever bother doing it.

Don't get me wrong, this is a good vacuum and if you must have a cylinder cleaner then I'd say buy this one but, for this sort of money (mine was about £250), and with all the claims they make about it, I expected more. My DC01 was/is much better and given the choice again, I would rather have one of their upright models.

The above guide is, of course, only my opinion but is given to assist you in deciding whether you should buy a Dyson cylinder cleaner or not. I wish I'd read this before I purchased my new Dyson.

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