Urban detour 3 wheeler buggy

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I wanted to write this guide to inform mums out there about the pitfalls of buggies. Do your research first. If you are out and see a buggy you are thinking about buying, go speak to the mum pushing it - theres nothing better than first hand knowledge. Don't feel you have to buy a certain type of buggy to fit in - for goodness sake some of them cost the earth!! Just be wise. Here is my story:

I have had 6 buggies in the last 3 years, 4 of them in the last 6 months. My first was a graco travel system which at the time was great. We were going on holiday so I bought a cosatto fold up buggy, which has definitely done a few miles - would recommend this to anyone. When my daughter was born 7 months ago I decided I wanted a 3 wheeler because everyone had one. So we bought the graco expedition, which was okay until I realised I couldn't handle the fixed wheel. We sold that and bought a XTS Twister. This buggy ticked all the boxes, even my husband was in love with this buggy. Lovely pneumatic tyres, red spring suspension. It looked fab! But we had to remove the wheels everytime we put it into the boot of our focus. Which, when there were 2 of us it wasn't a problem. Not so much fun when your have a whingey toddler and screaming baby and you're struggling with mudcaked wheels! So we sold that and bought a Jeep Roadster. What a disaster that was! We found it very unstable and most tricky to work the backrest. By this time my hubby had had enough of me complaining about buggies. So we ended up buying one I had wanted initially - the Urban Detour Glacier. I love it and wouldn't get rid of it for the world. Its a gorgeous red that suits both my baby girl and my son. The seat is comfortable, has a mega large basket underneath and is super easy to manuver. And the bonus it that it fits easy in our focus boot without removing the wheels.

I rate the urban detour 9/10, the XTS 8/10 and the Jeep 1/10.

I hope this has helped. I really wish I had read something  like this before we wasted our money on so many different bugies!

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