Use By/Sell By Dates On Poultry/Gardening/Health Items

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Use By and Sell By Dates

When we buy in a shop we usually look at these dates and choose accordingly. Often products are quite safe to use after the recommended date, but in the case of consumable items why take a risk?

If a disinfectant or vitamin additive is out of date it may not do the job any more, so it is a waste of time and money buying and using it. In the case of insecticides and other chemicals the product may even be unsafe to use.

I try to put these dates for products in my listings, and would encourage other sellers to do likewise. Before buying products ask the seller what is the use by date on the product, a reputable seller will not mind giving out this information. You can then decide if it will be suitable for your time scale, it is inadvisable to stock many chemical solutions afte the use by date, and some deteriorate after opening.Tins can rust in sheds and plastics decay, I go through my kitchen cupboards regularly and check dates, I would urge you to go through the greenhouse and garage and do the same, you may get a shock! You certainly will gain some space, ask your local council for advice on disposing of the unwanted items, landfill sites usually have staff on hand to help.

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