Use USB Flash Memory Stick as XBOX Memory Card

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How to use a USB Flash Memory Card as an XBOX memory card

The XBOX memory card (shown below) normally fits into the controller and lets you copy your game saves and profiles to it.

The XBOX memory card is effectively a USB flash memory card inside so using a regular PC USB flash memory card just requires an adapted connection lead. If you buy a lead as shown below, you can connect cheap USB flash memory sticks to it (for example 256MB stick under £3 delivered).

Not all USB memory sticks work but if you have some older small size ones around the house you can try them out. So long as they are under 1GB you should be OK. I find the Kingston Traveller 256MB ideal - alot bigger than the standard 8MB XBOX one! You can leave the XBOX to USB lead in controller port 2 or 3 on the XBOX and you will always have it available. If you use XBMC on your XBOX you can also use this lead to connect a USB keyboard or mouse.

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