Used Bike Handlebar Buying Guide

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Used Bike Handlebar Buying Guide

For consumers who have a great bike but need to replace the handlebars only, or are fixing up an old bike, purchasing used handlebars is an affordable way to procure the necessary parts needed for a bicycle to be complete. Instead of spending a lot of money on new handlebars, get a great deal on used ones by shopping for bike handlebars on eBay. For every type of bike, there is a specific type of handlebars, so buyers should ensure they are getting the proper handlebars for the type of bike to ensure a proper and safe fit, while also taking into consideration their own body frame, size, and height.

Different types of handlebars create different biking experiences, and certain types of bikes need their own special handlebars, such as mountain bikes or cruiser bikes, which cannot be used with other types of bikes successfully. Handlebars can change the rider's grip, provide a unique steering experience, or create better power and control for riders, depending on which type of handlebars are used and needed. Select the right handlebars for a bicycle based on type of bike, budget concerns, and the brands available on eBay.

Types of Bike Handlebars

When it comes to bike handlebars, each category of bike has its own unique style of handlebars. For the most effective biking experience and the best ride to suit the style of the bike, select the handlebars that match the body of the bike. In some cases, it may be best to even pick used bike handlebars that are the same brand as the body of the bike for serious bikers.

Consumers should also ensure they have the proper tools to put the bicycle handlebars on correctly and safely. Stems, grips, bolts, and clamps can also be purchased on eBay if necessary.

Cruiser Bike Handlebars

A cruiser is the most traditional style of bike. These bikes are also called touring or town bikes. These are bikes for the casual bike rider, and the handlebars are nothing fancy or complicated. They are often long and have a slight curve, and also have a vintage look to them. The handlebars are upright, creating a straightforward ride which allows a wide vantage point for the rider.

Some types of cruiser handlebars have rubber ends, called grips, to protect the rider's hands, but they are mostly all metal which consist of steel or aluminium. This type of handlebar is mostly found on older bicycles, but there are still some models of cruisers made with long handlebars. Used cruiser bike handlebars do not have brakes attached to them, since most cruisers still use foot pedal brakes.

Hybrid Bike Handlebars

Hybrid handlebars are meant to go on hybrid bicycles, which are essentially a cross between mountain bikes and road bikes. Sometimes hybrid handlebars are customised to allow certain special features to be added to make racing or long distance biking even easier and more comfortable. Some hybrid handlebars offer extensions for an easier grip, and some have more padding for comfort. Hybrid handlebars have unique curves which are not found on standard handlebars, and they allow for more choices when it comes to grip, which can make long bike rides more enjoyable and less painful.

A used set of hybrid handlebars has possibly already been customised for another bike, so buyers should make sure they fit the bike they are being purchased for and have the necessary features needed.

Tandem Bike Handlebars

When it comes to biking for two, a tandem bicycle is the way to go. A tandem bicycle has two seats, and two sets of handlebars, though only the first and front set are operable. Since some tandem bikes are cruisers, a set of cruiser handlebars can be used for the front set, but mountain bike or racing handlebars can also be put on tandem bikes.

However, the second rider, also called the stoker, does not need a fancy set of tandem handlebars, a long set of traditional handlebars should do as long as they allow a wide range of grip and are comfortable for the rider. There is a fairly wide range of flexibility when it comes to handlebars for tandem bicycles.

Mountain Bike Handlebars

Handlebars that go on mountain bikes are usually straight across which provide the riders control and comfort while riding up steep inclines. Mountain bike handlebars are better for riders who ride on rougher terrain than the average street or road. These types of handlebars are not very versatile, and only work well on mountain bikes, so this is the best type of handlebar for that specific bike. Mountain bike handlebars may not be comfortable for more casual riders on traditional bikes, especially for longer periods of time.

A couple of popular brands of mountain bike handlebars are Easton and Ritchey. For riders who have small shoulders, shorter handlebars are more comfortable. It is usually inconvenient to have to cut bars to make them shorter if they are too long. Grips are recommended to give mountain bike riders better traction when they are riding.

Road Bike Handlebars

Road bike handlebars are made for comfort. They are curved and are the perfect handlebars for professional cyclists who ride marathons or ride for exercise for long periods of time. They provide the riders with many options for hand placement, which can help bikers to achieve speed and change their riding position from low to upright at a moment's notice.

Road bike handlebars are also called trekking handlebars. They come in different sizes and shapes, and sometimes have shorter curved ends and longer metal bars as opposed to larger curves. It is a matter of personal preference when it comes to which style of road bike handlebars buyers chooses.

BMX Bike Handlebars

Handlebars for a BMX bike have a unique look to them. They have a traditional feel with longer bars and end grips, but they have a bar which goes across the centre of the bars. This bar adds strength and power to the handlebars which is perfect for BMX motocross racing. They are also generally quite durable and lightweight. BMX handlebars should be compatible with the type of bike the consumer has, and should also be selected based on the biker's weight, size, and riding style.

The right set of handlebars makes the bike easier to manoeuvre, and for a smaller bike, the handlebars should be shorter than those on a larger BMX bike, which can make a difference when it comes to the biker's dexterity and comfort while biking. Alloy is a popular material which is recommended for lightweight BMX handlebars that provides the most comfortable experience when racing and performing stunts.

How to Buy Used Bike Handlebars on eBay

When it comes to buying used handlebars, there are many affordable options on eBay. Direct yourself to the bike handlebars by using eBay's simple search engine, and browse the options by selecting the used category to narrow down the best choices for your budget. You can browse used bike handlebars by brand or bike style, such as BMX or cruiser bike. When you are looking at used bike parts, make sure the handlebars are in good condition, and look at many images of the handlebars.

Communicate with the seller to find out more about the handlebars by using the convenient "Ask a Question" button on the seller's page, and read the seller's description of the used handlebars carefully to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. See if there are other items which can be bundled with your handlebars, such as tape, grips, or stems, to get a discounted rate on shipping when you buy more items from the same seller. It is always best to buy used bike parts from a merchant who is a Top-rated seller on eBay and who has a lot of good feedback that you can add your own to when the transaction is over.


Some bikers enjoy building their own bikes out of various parts, and some consumers simply do not want to part with a favourite bike simply because the handlebars have seen better days. Create a new look for a bike by adding a different set of handlebars to it, which can be found for an affordable price on eBay. Switch a mountain bike to a cruiser or put curved handlebars on a tandem bike for a whole new cycling experience. Purchasing new bike parts from a retail store is costly, but there are many used bike part options on eBay that cost much less.

Consumers may end up rebuilding entire bicycles with new tyres, stems, and all. Biking is not only a great way to exercise, but it is a well-known and exciting sport. However, bikers who ride great distances or even cruise casually about town need the perfect set of handlebars for every purpose the bikes are going to be used for. Create a bicycle that is unique, comfortable, and equipped for any type of surface encountered by customising its handlebars.

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