Used Cinema Speakers Buying Guide

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Used Cinema Speakers Buying Guide

Cinema speakers help in creating a home cinema experience for optimal listening pleasure. People choose to sell cinema speakers for various reasons that can range from relocation to upgrading an existing system for aesthetics. Used cinema speakers offer several useful benefits, and in order to get great value for the money, a buyer needs to carefully consider a used speaker’s condition and sound quality. Buyers can choose from wired or wireless used speakers as well as speaker drivers. Having different speaker drivers ensures the sound covers the full spectrum of frequencies, from the low bass tones to the high frequency pitch tones. When considering different used cinema speakers to purchase, shoppers need to consider the format of the speakers, which can be floor-standing, satellite, or standmounted.

Used cinema speakers may be sold at second-hand stores, charity stores, as well as at online retailers. eBay is an online auction site that sells both new and used cinema speakers from sellers in varied locations. Buyers can search through the website’s many listings of used speakers to find the desired speakers at competitive prices.

About Cinema Speakers

Cinema speakers transmit sound that is sent from an audio receiver. In order to create an enjoyable cinematic experience in the home, many people choose to buy cinema speakers to connect to their audio equipment. Cinema speakers can allow a user to watch television or movies, listen to music, or play video games with high-quality audio. With the use of several cinema speakers, one can create a surround sound listening experience in his or her own home.

Importance of Cinema Speaker Quality

The quality of cinema speakers has significant impact on the overall audio effect created. A buyer may choose to spend a lot of money on high quality AV receivers, amplifiers, cables, and equalisers, but he may not be able to create optimal audio with poor quality or damaged speakers. For this reason, many buyers choose to allocate a large portion of the audio budget to buy speakers of high quality.

Benefits of Buying Used Cinema Speakers

As top quality speakers are expensive, it makes sense for some shoppers to purchase used cinema speakers. When buying used speakers, a shopper can choose amongst top quality branded speakers that offer superior audio at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them new.

Another benefit of buying used cinema speakers is that, individuals who are unfamiliar with brands, power output, speaker configuration, form factor, or input and output connections have more wiggle room in creating the desired sound. With used speakers, a buyer can try a particular brand or type of speaker, and if not happy with the sound quality, sell the speakers without incurring too much of a loss.

What to Look for When Buying Used Cinema Speakers

When considering used cinema speakers, it helps to know what to look for and what to listen for. Used speakers can be damaged from overuse, from being over or under powered, from being knocked or moved about, or from simple wear and tear over time. However, speakers that have been treated properly are able to last decades and can deliver quality sound after many years of respectful use. The two main considerations when looking at used cinema speakers are the condition of the speakers and the sound they produce.


The overall condition of the speaker cabinet provides a good indication of how the speaker has been treated. Cracked, splintered, dented, or scratched cabinet walls generally mean that the speaker has been moved around a fair bit and possibly knocked over or dropped at some stage. This type of damage can mean that the components inside may have also suffered damage.

Interior damage commonly seen in used speakers is cone damage. Most cones are surrounded by foam or rubber padding. Over time, this padding can become damaged and worn. Rubber padding can dry and crack, while foam can deteriorate and tear. It is relatively simple and inexpensive to replace these, although buyers who are not confident about replacing them should consider the cost of paying a professional to repair them.


If a speaker’s sound has crackles, popping, buzzing, or screeching, or it drops out, then the speaker is not worth buying, unless the buyer wants to refurbish the entire speaker unit. Before buying a used speaker, it is important to hear its sound. Damage to voice coils, woofers, drivers, and crossovers can all affect a speaker’s sound quality.

All speakers sound different, and how one hears a speaker’s sound can differ from person to person. Some audiophiles love the sound of Mission speakers, while others only buy Denon speakers. Speaker brands have their own unique sound. Before purchasing used cinema speakers, it helps buyers to understand the sounds that different speaker brands offer.

Wired or Wireless Used Cinema Speakers

Used cinema speakers may be wired or wireless. Used wired cinema speakers need to be connected to the AV receiver or a suitable audio component using cables or wires. This can limit where a user can place the speakers. For surround sound effect, at least two speakers are required at the rear left and right of the listening area. Buyers who choose wired speakers are required to run wires or cables from the receiver, around the floor to the rear speakers.

Used wireless cinema speakers are not completely without wires. Wireless speakers use a power source that is positioned to the rear of the listening area. The rear speakers are connected into this power source. Wireless speakers are ideal for those who do not want to have unsightly cables running across the floor, or if the listening area is large, making long speaker wires inconvenient to use.

Types of Cinema Speakers

Buyers have a range of speaker driver types to choose from. A driver is designed to offer peak performance within a small pitch range. Some speakers contain multiple drivers, while other may contain only one type of driver. The following table lists the different driver types available in the market.

Driver Type



Drives very low frequency sounds, such as very low bass tones. Subwoofer speakers are quite simple in their internal construction. Surround sound cinema systems require subwoofers.


Drives low frequencies, can also be used to drive middle frequencies. Some systems use a woofer in place of a subwoofer or a mid-range driver.

Mid-Range Driver

Reproduces middle frequencies. Construction similar to subwoofers or tweeters.


Drives high frequency sounds. There are various types of tweeters, including ribbon tweeters and soft-dome tweeters.

Full-Range Driver

Offers the widest frequency response. Usually small in size, and designed to allow clear high frequency sound and low frequency sound with little distortion.

A buyer should be aware of the functions of each type of speaker driver. For creating a surround sound cinema experience, a buyer should select speakers with different drivers in order to transmit sound across all frequencies.

Choosing a Cinema Speaker Format

When buying used cinema speakers, buyers have the option of different speaker formats. Particular formats offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on factors such as layout of the listening space, how much room there is for the speakers, a buyer’s budget, and the type of sound desired. The following table lists the various speaker formats available and a description of each format.

Speaker Format



Small box-shaped speakers designed to sit on a bookshelf or stand. Ideal for use as rear speakers. Offer good sound quality, take up very little space.


Believed to be the ideal option for sound quality. Large in size,and able to provide big, full sound. Ideally used as a set of two speakers.


Speakers are box-shaped, moderately sized, and sit on specially designed stands. Believed to offer better quality sound than bookshelf speakers, but not as good as floor-standing speakers.


Built into the walls or ceiling. Not considered to provide optimal sound quality, good for user flexibility, can transmit sound to any part of the home.


Small speakers, usually wall mounted, used in surround sound speaker set-up. Carry mid-bass sounds.

When choosing speaker formats, buyers need to carefully consider the appearance of the speakers and the sound produced. Additionally, buyers should think about where they would like the speakers to be placed in the home.

Buying Used Cinema Speakers on eBay

The process of buying used cinema speakers on eBay is simple and straightforward. Shoppers have the benefit of searching for used speakers from the comfort of a personal computer or mobile device. One can start by entering "used cinema speakers" into the search bar on eBay’s homepage. This allows buyers to see an overview of the kinds of cinema speakers available for sale on the website. To further refine this search, buyers can use the search category options available. eBay allows buyers to search by condition, price range, seller, or buying format. Buyers looking for a specific type of used speaker, such as used KEF floor-standing speakers or used Bang & Olufsen speakers can simply type either of these phrases into the search bar.

When buying an item such as a used cinema speaker from eBay, it is recommended that shoppers only deal with the website’s sellers who have top-rated seller status. Sellers who have this status have consistently achieved 4 or 5 star ratings, receive excellent feedback, provide accurate listing descriptions, and ship items quickly. Top-rated sellers are easily identified by the badge located next to an item listing.


Good quality cinema speakers can cost a significant amount of money. The more expensive the speakers, the better sound quality they offer. However, many buyers want premium sound quality but do not want to pay full price for new speakers. For this reason, they may purchase used cinema speakers. Buying used speakers enables one to own quality branded speakers at more affordable prices. When buying used speakers, it is important to look at the speaker’s condition as well as the sound it produces. Speakers that are in good condition and sound good, with no crackling, humming, popping, or scratching, may offer good value for money. Other factors to be considered include whether one wants wired or wireless speakers, the type of speaker drivers, as well as the preferred speaker format.

Buying used speakers on eBay is easy. By looking at listings of available used cinema speakers and making sure that one only deals with the website’s reputable sellers, it is easy for a shopper to acquire used cinema speakers of high quality.

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