Used Clutch or Flywheel

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Just a warning on buying a used or second hand dual mass flywheel.
Just purchased a secondhand Dual Mass Flywheel and when my local garage  was about to fit it and striped the gearbox, he phoned me and told me the the DMF is nackered . You cannot tell if the DMF is worn from the outside as some seller gives it a good clean before sending it out as mines looked in mint condition and the seller had told me it was only fitted on a vehicle 2 months ago. 
So my mechanic asked me to go down and show me the problem, he placed the DMF on a flat surface and stood on top of the DMF, wobble your feet and twist your waist so that the 2 plates rotates and there shouldn't be any sound, if you hear both plates knocking , the inside are worn which in that case happened to me and my mechanic warned me not to get it fitted.
The worst part was I had to leave my van at the garage overnight and missing another day of work as I rely on my van for work as he couldn't order one straight away and adding extra money to my bill and costing money to return the used part.
So a word of warning, replacing a Flywheel is time consuming ( 5-6 hrs labour ) and costly, avoid buying a used clutch or flywheel like I did and as you would know, most people in the motor trade industry are not honest.
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