Used Football Boot Buying Guide

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Used Football Boot Buying Guide

Football is an extremely popular game for men, women and youngsters not only in the UK, but worldwide. Football boots are the most important piece of equipment a player owns and are designed for comfort, protection and grip.

They are also a fashion accessory and as a result competition among manufacturers is fierce. The ever-increasing technology, design and material that go into football boots makes a new pair expensive to buy.

One of the first considerations must be whether to buy new or used football boots. The advantage to buying second-hand is that it is a good way to keep to an affordable budget. eBay is an excellent source for used boots. There are some common factors that cause used football boots to become available:

  • Juniors are likely to grow out of their boots before they wear out
  • The seller discovers early on that the boots don’t fit comfortably
  • When new or updated football boot designs or models come out, the previous models may then become available on eBay as there will always be people who must have the latest model with the latest technology.

Questions to Ask when Buying Used Football Boots

eBay is a great source for used and new football boots. When buying a used football boot, it becomes of paramount importance to check the condition of all parts of the boot, particularly the sole, the upper and, unless the studs are replaceable, the studs.

It is also useful to ask the seller a number of questions relating to the used football boots, to gain a full picture before making a decision:

  • How often have they been used
  • In what position has the wearer played (this may help give an indication of how hard the boots have been used)
  • On what ground have they been used (Astro Turf is harder on boots than soft ground)
  • The material (soft leather has great benefits, but, like cheaper synthetics, may wear out faster)
  • The studs
  • How have they been looked after and stored
  • Why are they selling

Below is some information that provides basic football boot information to help the buyer use good judgement when considering the answers to these questions.

Considerations when Buying Football Boots

The key areas to consider when buying used or new football boots are:

  • The Outsole and Playing Surface
  • The Upper
  • Position and Playing Style
  • Fit and Comfort
  • Care and Maintenance
  • The Outsole and Playing Surface

Regardless of whether the boots are to be bought new or used, the most important factor in the choice of football boot, particularly the outsole (which incorporates the sole of the boot and the studs), depends on the surface and conditions in which the game will be played. A good boot will provide the player with support, grip, traction and stability. Studs come in a variety of materials, such as traditional metal, rubber and plastic. It is also possible to buy boots with changeable studs or moulded studs.






Soft Ground

English weather, such as rain, sleet and melting snow or frost, makes the ground on pitches with natural surfaces both soft and very slippery, particularly on muddy ground.

Soft ground requires longer, replaceable screw-in studs or blades

Fewer well-spaced studs, or bladed studs that cannot be removed

Dig more deeply into the ground

Helps prevent sliding and falling when making swift turns

Not suitable for Astro Turf due to balance issues and potential injury

If the ground is too hard, non-removable studs can cause pressure pain and potential injury

Firm Hard or Multi Ground

For hard, sun-baked natural ground with little rain, or frozen ground. Also hard natural surfaces like artificial turf.

For firm ground, a larger number of shorter studs distributed relatively evenly across the entire sole. Either moulded rubber or removable studs are suitable.

Versatile all-rounders

Can be used on firm ground and Astro Turf

Astro Turf

Increasingly popular as it extends the football season in areas of poor weather

Specialist astro turf boots have a very firm rubber outsole with small rubber studs or patterns

Firm ground all round boots are fine for use on astro turf

Better wear on the boots provides longer life and improved grip and traction

Limited grip on other surfaces


Indoor dry artificial surfaces

Simple football trainers with rubber soles are adequate for indoor football


Indoor rubber studs are available for improved grip

Comfortable and versatile

The rubber sole and studs do not mark the surface

Limited grip on other surfaces

The Football Boot Upper and Ball Contact

The upper is the part of the boot that makes contact with the ball. They can be made from a range of natural and synthetic materials. Designs are becoming increasingly lightweight, to help with speed, balance and ball control. Boots should also provide support for protection during tackles. When buying used boots, the uppers should be carefully checked for signs of excessive wear, to understand the value for money.

Regardless of the fabric, there is a wealth of coatings and treatments available for the upper. These can prevent water retention, create friction to help improve ball control or create a swerve while striking the ball.

The advantages of leather and synthetic materials are summarised in the table below.




Kangaroo Leather (K Leather)


Moulds well to the foot

Excellent quality

Excellent feel for the ball

Very comfortable

Very comfortable

Less durable so will wear out faster than calf leather

Requires ongoing maintenance and cleaning

Absorbs water so may start to feel heavy in very wet conditions

More expensive

Calf Leather

Good quality

Good feel for the ball


Stronger leather which ages well for longer life

Mid-priced and affordable

Less supple than kangaroo leather

Heavier to wear than kangaroo leather

Less stretch than kangaroo


High quality synthetic uppers are

  • Strong
  • Light
  • Waterproof

Easy and quick to clean

Less maintenance required

Unless very thin, synthetics provide less feel for the ball

The wearer may find them hot to wear

Cheaper synthetics may rip or tear under strain and provide less protection

Position and Playing Style

Another factor in deciding what type of football boots should be bought is a combination of the position played, and the individual style of play.


Style of Play

Type of Boot

Forwards, especially winger

Swift acceleration, excellent feel for the ball

Soft leather, light studs or blades

Midfield or wingback

Long range goal scoring, passing and crossing

Classic boot for accuracy and power

Defence or goalkeeper

Strong, solid defence

Good grip, solid structure for support and protection from injury

Fit and Comfort of Football Boots

Having decided on the materials, whether buying men’s boots, women’s boots or boots for juniors, the most important aspect is to make sure the boots fit and are comfortable. In addition to length, the width of the shoes is important and varies by manufacturer and model. Ill-fitting or uncomfortable boots adversely affect the player’s performance and can contribute to accidents or injury. For that reason, when buying for youngsters, however tempting, it is inadvisable to buy too large a boot for them to “grow into”.

A good fit helps provide comfort and ensures the best possible performance as the boots will feel like a natural extension of the foot. At the same time, the boots will provide protection, grip, stability, and the ability to manoeuvre swiftly and control the ball.

Although it is not possible to try on football boots before buying, if the boots do not suit, a simple discussion with the seller may result in the ability to return the boots. An alternative is to post them on eBay and sell them on.

Looking after Football Boots

To get the maximum life out of a pair of used football boots, here are some simple maintenance tips:

Mud can draw moisture out of the leather which damages the leather and shortens the life of the boot. As soon as the game or training session is over, it is essential to knock off any excess mud and dirt.

If playing in wet conditions, it is important to dry the boots carefully

  • Stuff the boots with newspaper and put them somewhere cool and dry, away from direct sunlight
  • Do not use heat to dry the boots as that may dry them out, which will cause them to stiffen and shorten their useful life.
  • Once dry, clean the boots by brushing them and wiping them clean, inside and out (an old toothbrush is useful for removing dirt from tricky places)
  • Once clean and dry, conditioner should be applied to natural leather boots
  • Boots should be stored in a breathable bag.
  • Do not store boots in a plastic bag as they trap moisture

What Other Football Accessories Do I Need?

As well as a great selection of football boots, there are a number of other football accessories available on eBay, including:

  • Footballs
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Caps and hats
  • Wristbands
  • Shinpads
  • Training equipment and goals
  • Training kit and bibs
  • Sports bag

Buying Used Football Boots from eBay

The advantage to buying used football boots on eBay is the wide variety of brands, styles, prices and choices, and some excellent prices from trustworthy sellers.

To search for football boots, visit the Sporting Goods portal. Alternatively you can use the search box provided to type in specific information for a more refined selection. Using the search box will enable you to accurately find the specific type of football boots you are considering.

Visit eBay’s search tips for more advice.

When buying used football boots on eBay, once a selection has been made, there are three choices:

  • Place a bid in order to buy at auction by the date that the seller has advised if you are the highest bidder
  • Buy It Now allows immediate purchase of the football boots
  • Best Offer means the seller is prepared to accept Best Offers from buyers, possibly at a lower price than the Buy It Now price

Delivery and shipping information is provided by the seller and needs to be considered at point of bid or purchase, along with delivery insurance information.

Bundles are sometimes offered where the listing on eBay may include the specific main core product such as the football boots with cleaning kit to be included and built-in to the purchase price.

It is recommended that you only purchase from sellers who are authorised through eBay. For greater comfort, research the seller’s Feedback rating and buyer comments, the number of completed transactions, and the percentage of positive responses.

It is always good to buy through PayPal who will ensure the transaction proceeds directly between the seller and buyer. eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Programme.

A good item listing should include full specifications, size, materials, design and manufacturer information. To obtain any missing information that you need, email the seller by clicking “Ask the seller a question” under the seller’s profile.

You can also shop in eBay Shops or post your requirements on Want it Now. There is also the option to “Save Search”, in which case eBay will send an email when a match becomes available.

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