Used Garden Parasol Buying Guide

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Used Garden Parasol Buying Guide

Although they enhance the look of a garden, buying garden parasols can be quite expensive. This is especially true of large solid parasols that are well constructed and designed to withstand different weather conditions. For individuals on a tight budget, a used garden parasol may be ideal. When it comes to buying a used garden parasol, it helps potential buyers to have a pre-determined budget for how much they plan to spend. Having a set budget helps to identify what type of parasol one might consider. The options available in garden parasols include free-standing or supported parasols, a choice of different frames, fabrics, and colours, as well as parasols of differing sizes. A buyer may also consider useful accessories that complement a used garden parasol.

Although used garden parasols are available at some second-hand stores and select online used furniture stores, an online auction site such as eBay offers a wide selection regardless of the season. With its numerous functionalities, eBay offers the opportunity to easily search and find used garden parasols at competitive prices.

Why Buy a Used Garden Parasol?

Garden parasols can be quite expensive, especially top quality parasols with solid construction and features that offer increased durability and stability. A buyers who wants to stick to a budget may consider a used garden parasol. Considering garden parasols are often stored over the cooler autumn and winter months and tend to only be used during a few months of the year, many people choose to sell their garden parasols. With a used garden parasol, the potential to find a top quality brand while sticking to a tight budget is certainly possible.

Identify a Budget for a Used Garden Parasol

Before heading out to search for used garden parasols, buyers should identify how much they plan to spend. Garden parasols range significantly in price and quality. A used plastic parasol can cost significantly less than a used wooden garden parasol. A parasol’s age and condition also affects its value. Naturally, a parasol that is in near-new condition should cost more than a parasol that has been sitting out in the garden all year round for many years. A budget is a strong determining factor in the type, size, and condition of parasol one can afford.

Used Garden Parasol Options

Garden parasols come in a range of styles, types, frames, colours, and sizes. Each may range significantly in price and quality. The more common parasol options include free-standing or supported parasols which come with different choices of features.

Free-Standing vs. Supported Garden Parasols

A free-standing garden parasol is an ideal choice for individuals who want the flexibility of moving the parasol around the garden. A free-standing parasol may be used over an outdoor dining table, a sun lounger, or a child’s play area. These parasols are also used when individuals want shade while gardening or sun protection by the poolside. Free-standing parasols do not require any support, except for a base to hold them in place. Many are height-adjusted and are able to tilt and swivel to various positions.

A traditional garden parasol requires support and usually slots into a hole in the centre of an outdoor dining table. Supported garden parasols do not stand up well on their own. They are less expensive than free-standing parasols and offer less flexibility for the user. Supported garden parasols are ideal for those who only want the parasol to offer shade over an outdoor dining table.

Garden Parasol Frames

When it comes to garden parasol frames, buyers have a choice of plastic, metal, or wood. Plastic frames tend to be the least expensive, and they also tend to be the least durable. Metal frames are much stronger and offer more stability. Good quality metal frame garden parasols have a powder-coated finish to reduce the likelihood of the metal rusting over time. Metal framed parasols are more expensive than plastic parasols. A popular choice of garden parasol, they are lightweight, easy to move about, and very durable. Wooden framed garden parasols are among the more expensive types of frame available. Attractive, sturdy, and able to withstand various weather conditions, wooden parasols are another popular choice amongst parasol frames.

Garden Parasol Fabrics

Garden parasols may have shades made from vinyl, thick fabric such as canvas, or from fabric that has been coated with polyurethane to provide waterproof properties. When looking at parasol fabrics, an important consideration is the fabric’s waterproof properties and its durability against various weather conditions. Fabrics that offer waterproof properties ensure the parasol is able to offer protection from sun and rain. Waterproof shades also dry quickly when wet and are less likely to suffer mould damage. High-quality fabrics may also offer specialised anti-mould and mildew properties. This makes such fabrics an ideal choice owing to their easy cleaning and maintenance as well as durability against various weather conditions.

Garden Parasol Colours

Garden parasols are available in a range of colours. Dark colours, such as black, dark navy, or deep burgundy, may look attractive but tend to absorb heat from the sun, making them quite hot to sit under on a warm summer day. Lighter colours such as beige, cream, light green, or yellow, on the other hand, are great at helping reflect the sunlight.

Used Garden Parasol Sizes

The size of a used garden parasol is determined by the diameter of its shade. In order to determine the required parasol size, one should first measure the size of the area the parasol needs to cover. As a general rule, the garden parasol should be larger than the area to be shaded. The following table provides a measurement guide for some garden parasol sizes.

Garden Parasol Size

Coverage Area Offered

2 m parasol

75 cm table

2.5 m parasol

90-100 cm table

3 m parasol

100-150 cm table

3.5 m parasol

150-200 cm table

Naturally, the larger the garden parasol, the more coverage it offers. Buying a garden parasol with a long pole can help increase a parasol’s coverage area. Following the above sizing guide can aid an individual in getting the parasol that looks attractive and in balance with the rest of the outdoor furniture.

Used Garden Parasol Accessories

Buyers also have the option of buying useful accessories for a garden parasol. Some used parasols may be sold with these accessories. For parasols that are not, buyers can find cost effective accessories that fit into their budget.

Garden Parasol Base

All garden parasols require a base of some sort. A base needs to be heavy enough to keep the parasol upright and in place. Bases may be made of cast iron or plastic. Plastic bases are usually filled with water or sand to ensure they are heavy enough to stay put. A garden parasol base designed for use under an outdoor dining table is usually fairly flat and round in shape. Buyers who purchase free-standing parasols may choose simple paving slabs to keep the parasol secure. Some consumers screw the parasol into place using a bracket. This type of base is small and inexpensive, although it does not allow the user the flexibility of moving the parasol to other locations.

Garden Parasol Cover

Used garden parasols are rarely used all year round. During cooler months, individuals may use parasol covers for storage. A parasol cover protects the parasol from weather damage, fading, and insects. Parasol covers are inexpensive, easy to use, and effective at keeping a garden parasol in good condition when it is not in use.

Buying Used Garden Parasols on eBay

The best way to search for a used garden parasol on eBay is to type "used garden parasols" into the search bar, located on any eBay page. A prospective buyer is then presented with a long list of used parasols for sale on the website. To further refine the search, one may use the search category options available. Prospective buyers can search by condition, price range, seller, or buying format. Alternatively, if a buyer is looking for a very specific type of used parasol, such as a 4-foot garden parasol or a green parasol, he or she may simply type either of these terms into eBay’s search bar to get the appropriate results.

If one has found a used garden parasol, then the next step is to determine the seller’s delivery options. Depending on the item’s location or the seller’s preference, a buyer may not be able to pick up the parasol in person. In this case, a delivery fee is likely to be charged on top of the item price. Buyers should always be aware of the delivery costs involved and take this into consideration before making final purchase decisions.


When spring gets well underway, many people start to think about the upcoming summer weather and getting their outdoor furniture organised. A garden parasol, ideal for outdoor entertaining, family dining, or relaxing in the garden, is a must-have item for summer-time relaxation in the backyard. It offers shade from the sun, cover from the rain, and protection from the wind. Garden parasols range significantly in price and quality. In order to save money, consumers are well advised to consider buying used garden parasols. When buying a used parasol, a consumer has several options. One may choose between free-standing or supported parasol and consider the type of material the frame is made from, as well as its fabric, colour, and size. Various garden parasol accessories are also available, such as parasol bases and covers. Shopping on eBay enables individuals to search for a wide variety of used garden parasols from local, national, and international sellers.

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